Another four months. Glory that is. But at least this time there’s a bit more going up, and I didn’t have to force and sweat out most of what I put together for this update. Working and various personal dramas have taken their toll on my ability to do these things reliably, and it’s difficult getting accustomed to working outside of an environment that one’s been accustomed to for very long. But I’m sure most of you are largely interested in what damn things I’ve pulled out of my ass for this update, so let’s get down to brass tacks about that.

Starting off superficially once again, the avatar has changed (and this one should stick around for a while, since I’m a lot more pleased with it), and the Staff and Links pages have undergone the overhaul that I long ago promised. In addition, the main page has been shuffled around to be cleaner (obviously), and the Fiction section has undergone a fair bit of pruning, revision, and general fine-tuning, such as changing the location of Gunhazard and other book-keeping modifications. The change in e-mail address is slowly percolating through the site – although I will continue to receive mail at the address for the forseeable future, I’m making the switch wholesale. Update address books or whatever.

Oh, yeah, and we’re greener. That’s been around for a while, but what the hell, I wanted to say it. I like green.

Two more BDotMs have narrowed the gap down to “just” five months. I’m hoping to put together another large update in two weeks, so that’ll hopefully narrow even further before November rolls around. Hey, maybe I’ll even be on-schedule by the time 2005 rolls around. Anyway, the first didn’t come off as well as I’d hoped, but the second is all the things that have ever made the column work. Enjoy.

This episode of Perfect Echo is one that I promise fans have been waiting for a very, very long time – as well as doing a whole lot of things that I don’t think people are expecting, and setting up the course of the remainder of the series. Reconnecting with it has been difficult, to say the least, but I’m not anxious about this one like I was the last one – which might be a good or a bad thing. At least one person I know has been waiting for a resolution that’s addressed in here, and I suspect a lot of you were similarly impatient. However, despite the rumors, I must announce that there is no Tabitha striptease scene. I know, I’m as disappointed as you all are, but I don’t make the rules. Exactly.

For the second half of this month, all of you who’d been reading my journal or talking to me had a question in the back of your minds – “What is Project NESS?” For those of you who do neither, then you missed hearing me talk about it in shadowy terms and discuss my whipcrack pace with it, or make shrewd innuendos about the content. All that’s been known thus far is the fact that NESS is a fictional project in prose. But now, the questions that have so long been asked can be revealed. I won’t even make you sidetrack to the Fiction section, although you’re likely headed there anyway (and therefore this link will be irrelevant). So go on, find out what Project NESS really is.

As I mentioned, I hope to get another big update up this month, with more Perfect Echo, more BDotMs, and just maybe the premiere of on20x. Will it happen? I don’t know, but I’m more hopeful about it than I have been in the past. Let’s ee if I can’t make things work better this time around.

It was never a Testimony

If I didn’t say it in so many words, I think it was at least implied – that I would get my ass back into working order just as soon as I’d sorted out myself enough to get back to work. By all appearances, it’s taken me four months and thirteen days to return to what I would consider standard working order. Not the best that I could have done, and there were certainly some embarassing slips in the middle, but it’s time to get back to whatever in the world this page as an aggregate is supposed to be. (My personal favorite version was always “Eliot transferred into digital form,” but that’s kind of arrogant – especially since if there’s nothing to draw people here than me, I would say that the site’s all shades of screwed.)

The most superficial part of the whole ensemble is the fact that the current avatar has changed – which is not noteworthy, really, but I say it for the purpose of completeness – and that the fiction section has undergone some major logo renovations. Really. on20’s logos look crisper and better than ever, Perfect Echo has rolled out a minor logo shift (which is actually something that I’d planned from the beginning), while Neon Epoch Evangelion and Battle Helix have both received completely new and quite lovely new designs. I’m especially fond of NEE’s new one, for doing something that I ought to have done the first time through. So before you address the content, please, enjoy the new eye candy.

Oh, yes, and there’s a whole bunch of general reorganization and what-not that’s floated all around the main section – the About page has gone through an overhaul, and the Staff and Links page are due for next update. Take it in, if you’re interested.

Then we have two new, healthy, pretty much run-of-the-mill BDotMs. Yes, I know, I still have a three-month backlog to work through. It’ll get done, but as we all know that falls behind on my priority schedule pretty easily. But I’ll probably try and get my arse in gear with it fairly soon, seeing as how I’d like to be done with this bloody backlog sooner rather than later. There’s not much interesting to say about the columns themselves, so I’ll let them speak for themselves, as they generally do anyway.

Perfect Echo. Yes. I feel anxious about this episode, to say the least, because I know that it’s coming at the end of a long pause and will therefore be scrutinized to pieces – and so what I feel is a somewhat weak episode anyway turns into something that I’m terrified will be savagely torn apart by my readers, whom I credit with having an extremely analytical mind and the ability to spot my own inconsistencies. However, I will say that it does resolve the cliffhanger, creates a new one, and advances the plot in leaps and bounds, so the slight weaknesses in it might be overlooked by virtue of the plot hammering along like a runaway freight train. And, what the hell, I’ll promise that the next one will be much better. I have no idea if I can keep that promise, but I’m feeling adventurous.

Are we going to get another several months of silence here? Not if I can help it. I can’t say that we’ll be back to the old rapid-fire style of updates of yore… to be honest, I can’t say for certain if we’ll ever get back there. But for the time being, I’m back to work, and I’ve got a whole lot of projects – the BDotM, Perfect Echo, on20x, Neon Epoch Evangelion: Absolution, Battle Helix, and some other ones that I can’t reveal just yet – to keep me focused. Thanks for sticking with me through the drought, and I hope it’ll turn out to have been worth the wait.

Aw, look, I’m getting all teary-eyed now.

I Can’t Be This Unsturdy

My life has been shit lately. I say this not because people like when I say “shit” on the front page, but because it has truly been shit. It is well and truly shitty, and I would encourage those of you who do not normally read my journal to do precisely that to get the odd hint as to nature of this latest personal disease. (Here’s a hint: it’s not new.) However, through everything, I have pulled together a fair amount of content together for this update, so here we go with the big batch update. For starters, we’re moving the full text back to the front page.

Plenty of new fiction – there’s the potpourri of goodness that is Something Experimental, and then there’s the continuation of the saga of Apathy Grove with the latest episode of Perfect Echo. The latter has been really hard to write for a number of factors; the former just sort of started happening and didn’t stop happening until I was done. Odd duck, that one.

The BDotMs are finally caught up. And due to my own increasing inability to do it on my own, I’m making an announcement that I really shouldn’t – until next Monda, I’m taking suggestions on who should get the (ahem) honor of being the Badass or Dumbass of the month. Yes, I’m really inviting you to do that. Go ahead and send the mail, I’ll read it and consider what you’ve got for me. I’ll even consider it if I told you to screw off in the past. Go on, flood my Inbox.

Barely anyone uses it, but feel free to change that.

There is something to be said

There’s something to be said about using someone else’s words in lieu of your own.

Welcome to Electronic Transcendence Productions hosted by Green Geeks hosting, source of quality fiction, nonfiction, and random scribbles on paper since the year 2000. Be forewarned that this site contains material that may very well offend certain people, including those with particularly thin skins. For those of you not scared away by this statement, congratulations, you’ve exhausted the amount of effort I’ll expend on protecting people from themselves. It’s not quite as nice as Jason Sartin’s page-opening misanthropic rant, but that’s there and I’m here.

Anyhow, this is just a root-level index.html file to take up space, nothing special. So get clicking and go somewhere else on the site, damn it.

Oh, yes, one more thing – this site was designed in 1280 x 1024 resolution, but it looks perfectly fine down at 800 x 600. It should even look fine down at 640 x 480. I don’t think they make resolutions any lower than that, so… yeah.